EmbeddedSW is a freelance HW&SW private consulting resource. We cooperate with worldwide security/industrial partners and we are deeply involved in formal/practical research & custom development of

  • Security-related technology

  • Microcontroller, wireless communication & sensors management

  • Numeric controls & industrial automation

  • Hard real-time systems

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Security at EmbeddedSW

Security is achieved using trusted technology that lets us choose which part of our digital identity, of our information exchange, will be revealed to the underlying mechanism of transaction. Security is a work-in-progress knowledge. The modern digital world is filled everywhere with visible and invisible technology. Efficient privacy requires to develop, every day, more and more awareness of all the sensible dataflow due to the pervasive internet of things.

A huge amount of invisible information exchange is continuously carried out by all the technology that's embedded in our mobile devices, cars, professional and private living spaces. Everyday, every single moment, we have to choose how to selectively interact and reveal ourselves to the modern digital world. EmbeddedSW has practical answers to your concerns about privacy:

  1. we analyze visible and invisible technology that you're exposed to

  2. we provide specialized consulting to any security-related issue

  3. we develop trustable software/hardware solutions for privacy in business

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